Are you planning to sell your shares from Motilal Oswal demat account? Then, here it is important to know about DP charges in Motilal Oswal.

Motilal Oswal DP Charges Details

DP charges are charged only when you sell your shares from a demat account, i.e., these charges are charged only in delivery trading. 

Since it is charged for selling, hence is also known as debit transaction charges.

The broker’s DP charges are 0.04% of the transaction value or ₹41 (if the other one is lower). 

So, along with the Motilal Oswal delivery charges you need to pay DP charges while placing a sell order.

How to Avoid Motilal Oswal DP Charges?

Whenever you buy a share, it takes T+1 days for the share to reflect in your demat account.

Once it reaches your demat account, there is no way out for you to avoid the dp charge but before that, if you sell your stock, there will be no extra charges taken from you.

So here are two types of trading you can do to avoid the DP charges:

Intraday Trading- Intraday training involves buying and selling the stock within the same day before the market shuts down. By trading intraday, you do not have to pay up charges as the share still has not reached your Demat account

Future & Options– In such a kind of trading, you basically trade in the derivative market and generally trade in index or commodities where no delivery in demat account takes place, hence one can avoid DP charges.


Regardless of how many shares you sell, the DP Charges will not change. These charge details are not provided in the contract note, however, you can check your ledger to get an understanding of debit transaction fees. 

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