Angel One provides an advanced option chain to analyze and trade in options. Along with this, it also gives an option for basket order that helps option traders to trade with less margin. But what are the Angel One option trading charges?

Angel One Brokerage Charges for Options

Angel One earlier known as Angel Broking is a hybrid stockbroker known for offering full-service broking services at a discounted price.

Here are the details of the brokerage in Angel One.

As shown in the table above, one needs to pay a maximum of ₹20 as a brokerage fee to trade in options.

However, there are other charges and taxes to be considered to calculate the total fees and profit margin.


Angel One comes up with a minimum brokerage model for its clients that makes it easier for the user to trade at a low cost.

You can access its trading app by opening a demat account online by following a few simple steps.

In case of any more queries or doubts just fill in the details in the form below and a call-back will be arranged in no time.


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