Angel One is one of the oldest stock brokers offering its clients hybrid brokerage services. This allows the trader to trade at a low cost across segments. So, let’s find out what Angel One intraday charges are.

Angel One Intraday Brokerage Charges

Intraday trading involves multiple trades in one trading session. The high brokerage fees of the full-service brokers reduce the profit margin of the traders.

However, with the hybrid brokerage model of Angel One, the trader can now maximize the profit on his trade.

The intraday trading charges in Angel One are 0.25% or ₹20 whichever is lower. Along with this, there are other taxes, the detail of which is given in the table below:

How to Calculate Angel One Brokerage Charges?

Now, let’s learn how to calculate the brokerage in Angel One for intraday trading in Angel One.

Let’s suppose Trader A bought 100 shares of XYZ company at ₹500 per share and later sold it for ₹530 per share.

The turnover value would be:

=(500*100) + (530*100)
=50000 + 53000

Brokerage= 0.25% or ₹20
= 0.25%*1,03,000
= ₹257.50

Since the broker charges the maximum brokerage equals ₹20 per trade, hence the total fees the trader ended up paying would be ₹40. 


The new hybrid brokerage model of Angel One makes it easier for the beginner trader to trade using the tips and advisory services of the broker without worrying about the charges.

So, check more details now and start trading using its app.

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