Do you know what is IPO and have an HDFC Securities Demat account? Do you know how to apply for IPO in HDFC Securities? Here’s a useful step-wise guide.

First of all login into your HDFC Securities app. Next,

  1. On the home screen open the slide menu and click on the “IPO/NCD” option.
  2. Under drop-down, click on “IPO”.
  3. This takes you to the IPO Dashboard. Here you can check for the ongoing IPO and choose the one that you want to apply for.
  4. Click on the “APPLY” button. This takes you to the IPO application.
  5. Select the payment mode, in this case, the UPI ID.
  6. Here input the details related to your BID, that is the lot size and the bid price. Also, don’t forget to check the terms and conditions checkbox.
  7. Next click on “Confirm”.
  8. After this, a prompt appears asking you to confirm this transaction. Click OK to confirm.
  9. Once you confirm the same, you will receive a notification on your UPI app to approve the payment.

With this, your IPO application is submitted. In case you are applying for this same using HDFC Securities web terminal, then go to the HDFC Securities website, and:

  1. After login, go to the IPO/OFS tab and click on it.
  2. Under the list of IPO that appear select the one you wish to apply for and click on “Apply”.
  3. This takes you to the IPO application form where you need to fill up details such as Bid, Lot Size, etc.
  4. Once you filled in all the details then click on GO.
  5. Next a prompt appears asking to confirm, and upon verification, you can click on confirm.
  6. The last step is where you need to approve the transaction on your UPI app.

These are the finite and easy steps to apply for IPO in HDFC Securities. If you need any help regarding any platform or stock market trading in general, feel free to reach us here.

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