Zerodha is a discount broker that charges you fees every time you execute a trade except in the delivery segment. But if trading with the broker then how to calculate brokerage in Zerodha?

In this article, we will answer this question with examples to make sure you understand the concept completely. 

But before that, you should have knowledge of brokerage charges in Zerodha.

Zerodha Brokerage Charges

Here is the list of brokerage charges of Zerodha.

After knowing the charges, let’s quickly have a look at how is brokerage calculated.

How to Calculate Intraday Brokerage in Zerodha?

By now you know how much and when does Zerodha charges brokerage

Suppose a person buys 50 shares of XYZ at ₹54.50 per share and sells them for ₹55.30 on the same day, generating a total turnover of ₹ 5490. 

Since the brokerage for equity intraday is the lower value between 0.03% or Rs. 20/executed order, Brokerage, in this case, will be 0.03% of 5,490 which is ₹1.65.

Because this value is lower than ₹20, it will be applicable to brokerage in this trade. 

You have now seen how is brokerage calculated in Intraday trading in Zerodha and now you can calculate on your own before you execute a trading order.

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