Having a Zerodha account but not able to trade or invest in shares during market hours? If yes, then you can use After Market Order in Kite. Here is the complete detail of how to place AMO order in Zerodha. 

After Market Order(AMO) allows you to take an early position in the share market on the next trading day. 

You can place this order after market hours or on the day when there is a share market holiday. This order helps you in taking an early trade position in the market.

How to Place AMO Order in Zerodha Kite?

You can easily place an AMO order in Kite by Zerodha app and website.


Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Login to your Kite by Zerodha app or website using your credentials.
  2. In Marketwatch search for the stock, you are looking for.
  3. Click on your desired search.
  4. You will get a window to Buy or Sell the stock.
  5. Click on Buy/Sell button as per your trading preference. 
  6. On the order window choose the AMO option from the top.
  7. Then choose between intraday or CNC under the Product Section
  8. Select your order preference (Limit or Market)
  9. You have to add Quantity for your trade.
  10. Swipe to Buy/Sell below.
  11. Your order has been placed.

You can see your trade in the Orders window under the Open Section.

Once you have placed the order, these orders will be executed when the market opens at 9:07 AM the next trading day.

If you have any more stock-market-related questions in your mind, feel free to drop your details and we will arrange a callback or an answer.

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