Have you entered the wrong buying or selling price in the limit or stop loss order or do you want to change the quantity in the Kite app? If yes, then here is the detail of how to modify order in Zerodha. 

How to Modify Order in Zerodha Kite?

Zerodha provides you with multiple order types like cover order in Zerodha, limit, market, GTT, etc. Once you place the market order it gets executed right away, but the limit order or GTT order remains under pending status until the price value is reached.

Here if your order is still in a pending state and you want to modify any of the detail like value, quantity, etc, you can do it by following the steps below:

  • Login to your Kite account using your credentials.
  • Select the Orders you would like to modify. Here we have chosen Sail.
  • Click Modify. Here we have chosen to change the price.
  • Once the changes are placed, swipe to modify

Your modifications will be submitted. And you can see the details in the order book.

How to Modify GTT Order in Zerodha?

GTT orders are called Good Till Trigerred orders, these are very similar to limit orders but have a validity of 1 year. You can easily modify non-triggered GTT orders following these steps on Kite By Zerodha website:

  • Login to the website using your Zerodha credentials
  • Select the Orders tab and click GTT
  • Select the order you would like to modify and hover over the 3 dots ’…’
  • Here you will get various options, choose edit.
  • Modify the orders as per your needs and select modify afterward

Zerodha Order Modification Limit

However, you can easily modify the pending order in the Zerodha Kite app or web but there is a certain limit set by the broker.

You are allowed to modify only 25 per order. In case your modification limit is reached you can cancel the existing one and place a fresh order again. 

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