While Intraday trading remains one of the most profitable trading methods, not always get to achieve your targets within one day. Therefore, you can change it into CNC trade. But how to convert intraday to delivery in Kotak Securities?

As we know the open positions need to be squared off within the trading day in the intraday trading, it is not the case with delivery.

So, if you find any trade going in reverse order, you can still save your position by converting it to the delivery trade.

Wondering how to do it in the Kotak Securities app. For this, all that is required is to follow few simple steps.

How to Change Intraday to Delivery in Kotak Securities? 

To convert Intraday to Delivery the following steps need to be followed. 

  • Either place an Intraday order if you haven’t placed any or go to your order book in case of an existing Intraday order. 
  • Select the stock whose position you want to convert.
  • You will see Repeat, Square off and convert position as three options. 
  • Click on “Convert Position”.
  • Change Intraday into Delivery and click on “Confirm”. 

On clicking on Confirm button the position successfully converted to the delivery trade. You can use this feature anytime in case your Intraday targets aren’t met and you want to switch to delivery. 

Apart from this feature, the broker provides you the option to place a GTC order in Kotak Securities, where again you can save your position and execute the trade only if it is profitable.

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