Are you able to earn a good profit and now want to place the request for withdrawing funds? But looking for the answer, “When Can I Withdraw money from Zerodha?”

Since you can trade in different segments in Zerodha, the withdrawal time varies for equity and commodity withdrawal.

So, let’s dive in to know at what time you can place the withdrawal request and when it get processed.

The process of withdrawing your money from Zerodha depends on whether you are trading in Equity or Commodity. In general it takes 24 hours to process and credit the amount in your bank account. Here the bank credit the amount after 12 noon on working days. 

However, there are certain condition where you can get your payment on the same day.

For example, placing the withdrawal request on in equity account before 8:30 PM the processing of request takes place on the same day and also the account gets credited to your account within 24 hours.

Other than this, for commodity account, the fund gets credited in the bank account on the same day if the withdrawal request are placed before 8AM on weekdays.

Segment  Days Placement of Request Processing 
Equity Monday-Friday Before 8:30 PM Same Day
Saturday By 5 PM on Saturday
Commodity Monday-Saturday Before 8 AM Same Day
Sunday On Monday


How Long Does it Take To Withdraw from Zerodha?

In general it takes 24 hours to process the withdrawal request in Zerodha. You can place your request using Kite app, by following few simple steps.

Once you place the request the amount gets credited in your bank account within 24 hours.

But does it happen even if the next day is a Saturday or non-working day?

Since Zerodha uses 24×7 NEFT facility with Yes bank it process the withdrawal request even if the next day is the holiday.

However, if the request placed on non-working day like Saturday, the withdrawal request are processed after 5PM. Other than this the payins made on holiday are:

  • Not reflected on Console.
  • Gets updated and reflected on Kite app.
  • Gets reflected on Console on the next working day by EOD.

For example, if you place the request on Friday, it get processed on Saturday after 5PM and gets reflected on the report on Monday.               

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