Invested in dividend stocks and now want to know the process of how to check dividend in Zerodha?

Well! let’s make it easier for you by providing you the information Do you know how to check dividends received in the Zerodha app? And how to track all the dividends you receive from the console?

How to Check Dividend Received in Zerodha?

You can check dividends in Zerodha either through Kite or directly through Zerodha Console.

To know whether the dividend is added to your account follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your account using your login credentials.

how to check dividend in zerodha

2. Tap on Console, click on the Portfolio option to move further.

check dividend in zerodha

3. Click on Shares from the given options.

dividends in zerodha

4. Now select the dividend shares. This shows dividends received on a given scrip or share.

how to check dividends

So by following the simple steps above, you can actually avail the information of dividend income easily. But before that it is important to consider the following points:

    1. The dividend will reflect in your account after 30 to 45 days of the record date i.e. the date of announcement of dividend by the company.
    2. You will receive the dividends directly into your bank account(primary account) which is linked with the Zerodha DEMAT account.
    3. If your bank account is not registered then you will receive the dividends in the form of cheques.
    4. If you have invested in any company that offers you dividends, that would be shown in your trading account.
    5. Dividend can be in the form of shares as well, for this, you need to check your Zerodha Demat account after a specified timeline.

So, if you have invested in any dividend shares or want to know whether the company you have invested in provide dividends, then check it online using the Zerodha app.

For further queries on dividends or other investments, questions feel free to contact us. We will resolve your query right away. 

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