Most of the Zerodha customers find it difficult to sell shares from demat account. This is because Zerodha ask for TPIN everytime you sell or withdraw shares. But what is TPIN in Zerodha, and why it is important?

So, let’s understand with the basic understanding of TPIN.

TPIN or Transaction Personal Identification Number is the CDSL generated six digits security passcode that allow you to withdraw or sell shares in Zerodha. 

You can generate it once and can use it everytime you place the sell order in Zerodha Kite. In short, it is mandatory for placing sell delivery order, however, TPIN in Zerodha is not required when you have signed a POA at the time of demat account opening with Zerodha.

Why TPIN is Required in Zerodha?

So here are some of the reasons of why investors need Transaction Personal Identification Number in Zerodha:

  • CDSL TPIN provides additional security for Demat account holders by eliminating the need to sign a POA (Power of  Attorney).
  • TPIN is easily managed and can be easily reset when needed.
  • For each withdrawal, you need TPIN to Continue.
  • It is handled by CDSL, so brokers cannot operate the Demat account without the owner’s will.
  • With  CDSL TPIN, everything becomes paperless and manageable.
  • Zerodha does not keep your TPIN.
  • If you forget your TPIN password, you can reset it by visiting the CDSL website

How to Generate TPIN in Zerodha?

To generate a security pin in Zerodha all that is required is the 16 digit demat account number and PAN card number. Once you have it, follow the steps given below to get TPIN.

  • Click on the CDSL link.
  • Go to EDIS option and scroll down to generate TPIN.
  • Enter your BO ID number and PAN number.
  • Now enter the OTP in the space provided.
  • Once done, you will get the TPIN in the registered email or text message.

How to Change TPIN in Zerodha?

However, TPIN is one time requirement but in some cases it is important for you to reset or change TPIN to avoid any fraudulent activity or to update security of your account.

To reset or change the TPIN in Zerodha, you need to follow few steps below:

  • Copy your BO ID number and click on CDSL website link.
  • Now enter the E-DIS option.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and now click on the option to change TPIN.
  • A new page appears, now enter the BO ID and PAN card details.
  • Now enter the OTP in the space provided.
  • You will receive a new TPIN in your registered email or mobile number in 15-20 minutes.

Hopefully, you were able to understand the concept of TPIN in Zerodha. Nonetheless, in case you need any further assistance, we will be more than happy to call back and help you.

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